Proper Tire Alignment Is a Matter of Safety

Proper Tire Alignment Is a Matter of Safety

Faulty suspension is a safety hazard

Have you noticed uneven tread wear on your tires? Maybe your steering wheel is pulling to the left or the right. You may need a tire alignment. Proficient Automotive, LLC can resolve your suspension issues properly and efficiently. We'll make the necessary adjustments to allow your tires to make solid contact with the road. This makes driving safer and protects your tires.

Don't ignore an unsteady steering wheel or worn-down tires. Schedule an alignment service now by calling 607-217-4739.

Solve alignment problems faster

If you've noticed the signs of poor suspension, it's important to get an alignment service as soon as possible. Ignoring this issue can cause your tires to wear prematurely and unevenly-making accidents more likely. When you bring your car in for an alignment our team will:

  • Assess tire damage and determine the extent of the issue
  • Adjust your car's tires and axles to solve the issue
  • Replace your current tires if necessary

Feel safe in your vehicle. Get tire alignment service from Proficient Automotive today.